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Tank Change



  • Remove existing ring from trash shoot in coffee condiment bar. Insert stainless steel PourAway into trash opening clear tubing first.


  • You will connect the PourAway to the tank that will be stored behind the trash can under the coffee bar. Remove the trash can from under the trash shoot. Reach in for (A) connector at the end of the clear tubing that is attached to PourAway.


  • The (B) connector is located at the end of the clear tubing attached to the tank. Connect (A) and (B) connectors by pressing the button in on the (A) connector and inserting it into the (B) connector. You should hear a click. Gently check to see that connectors have locked together. When the connectors are connected liquid will flow from PourAway drain into the tank below. When connectors are disconnected the liquid will be stopped at both connectors.


  • Now that the tank is connected to PourAway place the tank in back end of cabinet. The trash can fits right in front of the tank. Close door, you are done.


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