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Box of 12 Tablets

The BioActive MICROBIAL Enzyme cleaning products (BioPuck and Spray) were designed to address organic buildup in our liquid receptacles. Unlike ordinary dirt, organic waste attaches to surfaces and grows like moss on a rock or coral under the surface of the ocean. Organic buildup requires its own cleaning formula.

The BioPuck’s freeze-dried MICROBIAL Enzymes rehydrate as liquid waste is poured into the Cadet. Our proprietary formula deploys billions of microbes that consume organic matter, eating it from the cracks and crevices until the organic matter is gone.

For best cleaning practices use soap and water inside and out of your PourAway product in conjunction with the MICROBIAL Enzyme BioPuck or Spray. As an added benefit, each time you empty your receptacle the liquid containing our MICROBIAL Enzymes goes down your drain and eats the organic matter there, too.


BioPuck Safety Data Sheet

Microbial Enzyme Tablets

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