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This polyethylene lid and tank solution is designed for high volume areas. When your environment requires greater capacity our large lid fits any 32 gallon brute trash can. If your trash cans have wheels then you’re all set for mobile use.

Benefits for POURAWAY LID & TANK for 32-gallon brute receptacle:

  • Expands functionality without changing waste foot print
  • Fits on 32-gallon brute cans
  • Gets liquid organics out of the waste can
  • Holds 2 gallons of liquid organics
  • Ergonomic design for changing and carrying tank
  • Can purchase additional tanks for reduced or no down time on unite Lid & tank set covers the look of messy open trash can
  • Reduces mess from leaking trash bags
  • Lightens your trash bag when emptying
  • Reduces back injury as per NIOSH Lifting Index
  • Liquid organics pour down the drain
  • Removing liquid for waste reduces hauling costs
  • Fits seamlessly into your recycling/sustainability program
  • Make an environmental impact!

"We purchased these for our indoor breakrooms and outdoor break area. It is easy to use and clean. Fit on cans we already had. Adaptability by our staff was immediate. Our custodians think they are long overdue. I recommend these, they have made a big difference in our recycling program as well." Ramon, Warehouse Manager 


"Works great! Started with one, now we have 22." Kim, CEO 

PourAway 32 Polyethylene Lid and Tank Set

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