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*** Trash Can Not Included ***

When space is an issue our lid and tank expands functionality of a 23 gallon wall hugging trash can while keeping existing footprint. PourAway allows a user to separate liquid from trash or recyclables when disposing of waste.

Benefits for POURAWAY LID & TANK for 23 gallon slim can:

  • Expands functionality of your waste stream collection without changing footprint
  • Fits on all 23-gallon slim cans
  • Holds 1.7 gallons of liquid organics
  • Ergonomic design for changing and carrying tank
  • Can purchase additional tanks to reduce or no down time on unite
  • Liquid organics pour down the drain
  • Reduces mess from leaking trash bags & lightens your trash bag when emptying
  • Reduces back injury as per NIOSH Lifting Index
  • Removing liquid for waste reduces hauling costs
  • Make an environmental impact!

"Love not having coffee and old drinks in our office waste bin anymore! Everyone would leave their half full drinks in my office trash can after meetings. What a messy look! Now after using POURAWAY putting liquids in the trash can seems barbaric."
-Jeffrey, Small Business Owner

"First saw these at the airport. What a great idea, wish I had thought of it. We now have these front and back of the house."
-Elijah, Restaurant Owner

PourAway 23 Polyethylene Lid and Tank Set

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