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PourAway’s beautifully crafted Granite-Look Cadets feature subtle patterns that mimic natural stone. These durable cadets come in 3 popular granite colors that give the appearance of natural grey, blue and brown stone for a high-end look. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, this revolutionary product will look environmentally sophisticated in every décor.

The PourAway Cadet registers full at 23 gallons but holds up to 30 gallons of liquid. The Cadet comes with a nesting, removable strainer to keep solids from clogging the unit and the custodial sink. The wide drain hose allows for quick and easy emptying. The sturdy handle and commercial grade wheels make moving the cadet full or empty safe and easy. The caster brakes allow for stationary placement when in use.
Benefits for POURAWAY CADET:

  • Great for high liquid volume environments
  • Mobile for indoor and outdoor use of liquid capture and convenient to move from location to location even when full
  • Sturdy handle and commercial grade wheels for easy transport with front casters with foot level control will lock in place
  • Nesting, removable strainer for debris prevention & removal
  • J trap to reduce odor
  • Oil pan bottom and wide drain hose for quick emptying
  • Holds up to 25-gallons of liquid organics waste visible through front viewing tube but total liquid organics capacity is 30 gallons
  • Liquid organics can go down custodial sink drain
  • Blends in seamlessly to your existing recycling/sustainability process

Deluxe Granite-Look Cadet

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