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In the Classroom

What is PourAway?

The PourAway Liquid Recycling System is a state-of-the art product which provides the convenience of liquid from trash separation when disposing of waste. PourAway is easily added to new or existing infrastructure.


How does PourAway work?

PourAway is designed with both a trash chute and liquid sink. The sink area is connected to our custom tank for liquid storage. The tank featuring an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to handle when emptying.


Why would you implement PourAway?

Environmental Awareness

  • Providing a path and education to the public, you create potential for a change in thinking as it relates to individuals recycling habits.

Holding Plant

Liquid separation from trash

  • Haulers transporting less weight use less fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Less liquid in landfills reduces greenhouse gasses.

  • Compliance with California law AB1826, the mandatory separation of organics from trash.

  • Assists your organizations migrating to zero waste.

  • Reduces liquid leaks, and stains. Keeps business neighbors happy when a shared dumpster is used.


Risk and Liability reduction

  • Reducing weight and liquid from trash prevents the primary cause of worker’s compensation and general liability claims in the US; back injuries and slip and fall.

  • Customers are less likely to slip on floors when they’re dry.

Calculate Savings

An immediate financial savings and increase of profit

  • Reducing liquid weight in an onsite compactor saves money by lowering the tipping fee at the landfill scale. Also by lowering compactor weight more solid trash can be compacted, reducing the need for frequent trips to the landfill. In short, reduced weight equates to reduced Roll-off charges.

  • Less liquid leaking into the bottom of trash cans saves labor costs by reducing cleaning time

  • Reducing liquid stains require less carpet cleaning and less power washing trash areas.

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