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PourAway care can be seamlessly intergraded into your existing coffee bar duties. During business hours while checking on and taking out the trash the 2 ½ gallon transparent tank will allow the attendant to see how full the tank has gotten.

Cleaning is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Nightly Cleaning

  1. Remove trash can from cabinet and look to see how full the tank is. If full empty before running cleaning solution through PourAway into tank.
  2. PourAway stainless steel ring will stay in coffee bar and not need to be removed during emptying of tank. Simply pour cleaning solution into PourAway stainless steel ring. The solution will flow through the grate into the tank to clean and sanitize. Once you have poured the solution into PourAway disconnect the tank and replace with clean and empty tank. Pull tank to front of cabinet for easy handling.  Disconnect by pressing the grey button on the connector (A) and gently twisting and pull connector (B) away. All liquid flow will be stopped once connectors are disconnected. 
  3. Take the dirty tank to the sink or drain for emptying.  Unscrew the small cap next to handle and pour out content. If needed loosen other small cap for fasted flow. Rinse tank and connector with clean water. Remember to secure all caps when done. Now reconnect clean tank by pressing button on connector A and inserting connector B. Clean tank can now be placed behind trash can.


Cleaning Chemicals: 

The most common solution used when cleaning PourAway and the tank, is a mixture of Sodium Carbonate and water.

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