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Our goal to allow customers to leave their space as clean or cleaner than it started. PourAway directly affects the way people recycle and dispose of trash, thereby promoting a cleaner space and a cleaner world. Through the separation of trash from liquid within customer-accessed disposal areas, PourAway contributes to the global effort of recycling water. Millions of gallons per year are wasted when customers dump beverages into trash cans rather than sinks or drains. PourAway provides a little relief by providing a built-in space in which customers may pour extra liquid from their drinks. From there it is drained into a container within the trash can or cabinet itself, where the liquid may be stored and recycled back into circulation when emptied down the drain. PourAway familiarizes consumers with this hassle-free, natural way of recycling water that perpetuates environmentally friendly waste habits.



Not only does PourAway support American manufacturing and assembly, but at the core of our social initiative lies the rewarding legacy of job creation and education on behalf of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) community. In 2011 we began providing long term jobs, education and certifications for many in the DHH community, and this success now manifests in the PourAway enterprise. The PourAway product-line illustrates our commitment to creating diverse employment opportunities for motivated DHH individuals because all PourAway products are marketed, assembled, warehoused and shipped by majority DHH employees.


Employee And Business Benefits:

PourAway’s convenient application also relieves tension and stress for employees in the workplace. When beverages are dumped into trash cans without PourAway, there is increased potential for leaks and spills. These leaks are accidents waiting to happen, making the work environment more stressful for employees. More importantly, these spills create a hazardous environment for customers, increasing the risk of falls and physical injury. PourAway therefore lessens the chance of employee stress, physical injury, and potential lawsuits for businesses.




From a fiscal stand point, PourAway provides a solution to the cost increases incurred through buying more supplies than necessary (i.e trash bags, trash cans, etc) when waste is disposed of the “wrong” way. Currently, companies attempt to solve this problem through “band aid” methods such as ongoing cost and supply increases to accommodate the increase in waste. We believe one-time investments are more valuable than on-going cost modifications to compensate for the lack of consumer awareness and eco-friendly habit formation. 

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