Recycling is just a PourAway

PourAway Liquid Recycling Systems

Easily separate liquid from trash or recyclables when disposing of waste

When space is an issue PourAway 23 is a great solution for medium liquid volume. This unit expands functionality of a 23 Gallon wall hugging trash can while keeping the same footprint

PourAway 23
polyethylene lid and tank

Designed for medium-high liquid volume, PourAway 32 is just the right sized for the job.
It tops a 32 gallon trash can. If your trash cans has wheels, you're all set for mobile use.

PourAway 32
polyethylene lid and tank
PourAway Max

When your environment calls for an answer to manage very-high liquid volume, PourAway Max is your solution. Our unique cabinet design conceals a 10 gallon liquid storage roller tank. The PourAway Max cabinet is made from HDPE plastic, starts off as two waste silos, one for liquid and another for waste, recycle, compost or landfill. Additional single stream cabinets can be ordered to accommodate your specific waste program

Custom stainless steel insert and tank

When image is everything, our custom stainless steel inserts add a finishing touch to any custom cabinetry.

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